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Residential Aged Care - Financial Considerations

The Fees Payable in Residential Aged Care


Aged care costs in Australia are significant, complex in nature and lack transparency. You are strongly recommended to seek advice from an experienced financial planner prior to anyone entering aged residential care accommodation.

The adviser should be able to explain to you exactly what costs will be payable and the best approach in respect to any options you may have in terms of financing or arranging your care. As in other endeavours, not all financial planners or advisers are as experienced as others in this particular area, and your focus should be on finding experienced assistance.

In the following pages we attempt to provide an overview of residential aged care finance, including some examples, in an effort to provide you with an introduction to the subject and place you in a position where you or your family can discuss this issue on an informed basis with your adviser. It will sometimes be the case that very little time is available to choose a provider, because of medical reasons, but nevertheless every effort should be taken to arrange professional advice prior to making any financial commitments.

The following illustration provides a broad introduction to the fees associated with residential aged care accommodation Australia, and then we then provide more detail in the sections below.


The extent to which you will need to contribute to the cost of maintaining your place in an aged care home depends almost entirely upon an assessment of your assets and income - what is referred to as a Means Test Assessment (MTA). When entering residential aged care, residents have the option to complete Centrelink's ‘Residential Aged Care Calculation of your costs of care’ SA457 form - see below. Where individuals choose not to disclose their means, they are ineligible for any government support towards their aged care costs and are required to pay all care costs.

Means Test Assessment Form SA457

As a result of the Means Test Assessment you will fall into one of three categories and each contribute differently to their aged care costs. There are 3 basic costs payable in residential aged care accommodation; 1) the Daily Care Fee, 2) the Means Tested Care Fee and 3) Accommodation Costs. We discuss each in more detail in the website, but note at this stage that the only fee payable by all three categories of resident is the Basic Daily care fee, which is calculated at 85% of the Age pension. See the Table below for a summary overview:

It is often the case that individuals will simply follow Centrelink notifications, following the asset and income test, without attempting to understand how the figures are derived. That is probably adequate in relatively simple situations, where for example the individual is a low means applicant and there are few, if any, options available - and the individual perhaps only needs assistance in terms of identifying an appropriate aged care facility.

We concentrate on how the figures are derived for individuals who are required to make contributions to age care, and therefore need to understand the alternatives available to them in any discussion with an advisor. We absolutely believe that professional advice should be sought in these circumstances, but you should seek to be an informed client.

Advisors will often talk about how you are situated from an assets and income perspective, and the chart below visually illustrates the three categories of aged care resident appearing in the Table above. The figures provided are as at September 20, 2023 and because the chart is normally used for illustrative purposes we only intend to update it occasionally.

Please note prior to making any Inquiry: Financial regulations regarding the provision of specific advice mean that it is impossible for us to provide assistance unless it is provided as part of professional advice for which fees will apply. If your circumstances are not complex and you don't require or want to pay for professional advice you should direct any queries in relation to the Aged Care to Myagedcare.

If you would like to arrange professional advice in relation to the above matters, please complete the Inquiry form below providing details and you will be contacted accordingly. You will receive a fee quotation in advance of any advice or services being provided.