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Superannuation Investment Performance

Australian Super Funds - Current Best Performing Balanced Funds over 1 and 5 Years

The charts below illustrate the Top 10 best performing balanced Super Funds over the calendar year ending December 31, 2023 and over the last five years, according to SuperRatings.

As you can see, some funds have returned exceptional results over the 12 month period - with the top performing fund delivering growth of 13.19%. The performance of some of the larger funds, such as AustralianSuper, which were "Top 10" performers for consecutive years, seem to have diminished in recent years and there must be some doubt that the "bigger is better" mantra they have pursued has actually benefitted fund members. Discussion also continues around the reporting of results for unlisted assets in all funds and whether their actual performance adequately compensates for the relative lack of transparency in terms of valuation.

In terms of performance over a longer five year period, some funds (coloured in red) are "Top 10" over 1 and 5 years and it will be interesting to see whether they can maintain what appears to be a significant difference in performance - and to what degree that reflects different asset allocations and risk.

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